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Meet our Mini Potbelly Pigs

Winston and Lucky constantly produce show-quality offspring. Both carry the blue-eye gene. The majority of their litter is born with blue eyes, and all of the offspring carries the gene ! All male piglets will be neutered at 4-5 weeks of age. If you wish to have an unaltered male, we require a non-refundable deposit (will be credited upon pick-up or delivery of your new Mini Potbelly Piglet). The standard Pot Belly pig breeder does not want miniatures to exist, because it hinders their ability to sell their pigs. In addition, many people have been told that their pig was a miniature only to find out that miniature was a relative term. Some people have tried to make their standard Potbelly into miniatures by not feeding them correctly. Just smile at them and nod your head. Three years from now, when your pig reaches it’s maturity, they will see…

Our Miniature Potbelly Pigs will get no heavier than 55 lbs (male) and 65 lbs (female) when fully grown, we breed true Miniatures.

Find out more about our operation on our About Us Page and see piglets for sale on our For Sale page to purchase your new best friend. 4 piglets of our 2013 litter are still available for sale - speckled, 2 colored, and pink piglets available.

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