CONLEN FARMS: Equine Dreams & Calypso Moon

Pictured below: 18 yr-old Iltschi, pictured right: 46 yr-old Kachina, banner picture: 8 yr-old Shadow (a.k.a. Umbrae Tika)

We are actively involved in equine rescue, and have given abused horses and donkeys a new home and new lease on life. We proudly support South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines (SCARE) and Hope for Horses in North Carolina, as well as all major Animal Welfare Organizations. The Senior of member of our rescued equids is a 46 year old (in 2016) Quarab mare, the youngest is donkey Joey, who was born in October 2010.

A portion of our sales proceeds go towards helping Animal Rescue Organizations, whom we also assist with free Hay, Feed and other items on their wishlists as well as with monetary contributions.

Not only are our horses and donkeys rescues, so are all 7 farm dogs and 2 Saanen wethers, which we adopted from animal shelters in SC and NC.

Our Equine Rescue Herd currently consists of:

 Foundation Appaloosa Mare "Iltschi"

Quarab Mare "Kachina"

American Saddlebred Gelding "CC"

American Cream & White Gelding "Shadow" ("Umbrae Tika")

American Saddlebred Mare "Kahlua"

American Saddlered/Arabian X Mare "Evie"

Welsh Pony/Arabian X Mare "Pepsi"

Quarter Horse Mare "Ella"

Carolina Marsh Tacky Mare "Annie Oakley"

Standard Donkey "Joey"


View their pictures in our picture gallery or on our personal Facebook page.


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