CONLEN FARMS: Equine Dreams & Calypso Moon


Goat Kids & Adult Pet Wethers available ! 

Toggenburg Kids available:  NONE AVAILABLE 2018

Calypso Moon Chloe                         retired                    

Calypso Moon Juliette                      retired               

Calypso Moon Chandrika                retired                 

Lots O'Hay Lanny's Lilac                 retired              

Delectable-Hills Buttercup BG       retired 

Calypso Moon Svenja                       retired 

American Alpine Kids available:  

Oakmoon Gallagher Rita              retired

El Fuego Alvis Blitzkrieg:            retired

Oakmoon Earl Renata                   retired

Buck-N-Bull Hammer Raelin       retired

Calypso Moon OMGR Antje          retired   

Calypso Moon OMGR Ruby          2019 kids  2 doelings "Diamond & Silk" @ $400/each 

Calypso Moon Arielle                   2019 kids  2 doelings "Gladys & Pippa" @ $400/each    

Calypso Moon Aria                       2019 kids  2 bucklings "Storm & Thunder" @ $250/each


Oberhasli Kids available: 

Firepink-Holler Halo:              retired

Oakmoon HCW Nashira:         retired

Oakmoon PHSL Bella:             2019  kids   SOLD

Oakmoon PHSL Capella          2019 kids  1 buck kid, 1 doe kid (EXPERIMENTAL Alpine/Oberhasli) "Tabasco" buckling @ $175 / doeling "Pepper" @ $300

Calypso Moon OMBE Skye     2019  kids   SOLD    

Calypso Moon OMBE Luna     2019  kids   SOLD   

Calypso Moon OMCA Maya    2019 kids 1 doelings "Fantasia" RETAINED


see under Oberhasli CAPELLA


None available at this time  

Instant starter herd special offer: reserve two doelings at regular listing price and get a buckling of our choice free .

Purchase one doeling at full listed price and add a buckling at 50% off his list price.

Purchase one wether at full listing price and add a second wether for just $50.00


Rouen Drakes available for sale at $8/duck or $65 for 10 drakes. Sorry, no hens - SOLD OUT

Our Mini Potbelly Pigs are having the year off. None available this year. Males will be neutered, and all piglets will have had their first vaccination upon time of sale. Both females and males are priced at $400.


Contact us for details and goat bloodline information.

We sell High Quality Dairy Goats (Oberhasli, Alpine and Experimentals), Show Quality Miniature Potbelly Pigs, Horse Quality Hay, Farm Fresh Eggs (chicken and duck eggs).


. Our Online Store offers great gifts for every occasion, and never runs out of stock !

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