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Natural Wormer Recipe 

This is the recipe we mix in equal parts (I use 1/2 cup per ingredient)

 - cinnamon, cayenne pepper, mustard seed, cloves, dry diced garlic, parsley, oregano, feed grade probiotics, baking soda, ground ginger, raspberry leaves (I use the tea).

The cayenne pepper not only takes care of worms, but also works as natural antibiotic, mustard seeds and cloves aid in prevention of coccidiosis. The ginger helps to settle stomachs and increases appetite.

We initially offered it free choice - one container for all goats to share, but the bickering got so much that we decided to give each goat his/her own bucket with a handful of the wormer.

For the bucks and wethers we add ammonium chloride to the concoction, and whenever there is oral medication to be given, that doesn't taste all that good, we mix that in as well.

We give it once a week, sometimes we add shredded carrot as natural electrolyte, too

It does not effect the milk, not even the garlic !

It is a safe concoction of all natural ingredients, for does (lactating, dry, or pregnant), bucks and kids.... and it smells ever so good (just ask your goats).

Makes even the most bitter medicine palatable.

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