CONLEN FARMS: Equine Dreams & Calypso Moon

About Us

In 2010 we purchased our  30 acre farm in North Carolina, which we subsequently divided into 2 sections: the "Equine Dreams" section is dedicated to the care of our rescued horses and donkeys as well as our hay fields, whilst the Calypso Moon section, consisting of PRIME goat land, houses our Dairy Goat operation as well as our Miniature Potbelly Pigs, Chickens and Dogs. We construct all animal shelters ourselves.

All our Calypso Moon Goats conform to and are bred according to ADGA standards. We breed Show Quality Toggenburg, French Alpine and Oberhasli Goats for their exceptional milk qualities. All our Herd Sires are available for stud service. Our goats - including the bucks - are extremely friendly and can easily be walked.  Our does regularly produce HIGH QUALITY offspring and are EXCELLENT milkers. Our goats stand quietly to get their hooves trimmed. All goats are registered with the ADGA, as well as International agencies.

We believe in goats being allowed to keep their horns, as they regulate their body temperature through their horns. However, as the ADGA requires all registered goats to be disbudded, we perform the disbudding procedure 2 days after birth, at which time they will also be tattooed. Both disbudding and tattooing are performed under mild sedation as well as local anesthesia to reduce any unnecessary stress and pain to the animal.

Goats are loving, caring, intelligent creatures. I do not believe that you must bottle raise a goat to have it be friendly towards people. We do not bottle raise our kids (unless absolutely necessary) and they are as friendly as can be. What we do, is spend time with them everyday from the moment they are born. They accept us as members of the herd and enjoy our attention. We also feel that raising the kid in an unnatural way (bottle feeding) causes stress. Kids need their mothers to love them and teach them. Without their mothers they become stressed, thus causing disease. Also, we have found that kids that have access to their own mother's milk as they are growing up, grow bigger and stronger, and are hardier and more disease resistant as adults.

We will not wether a buckling, until he is 6 months old, in order to reduce the risk of urinari calculi. We will not band bucklings, instead, all neutering procedures are performed by our trusted veterinarians, which is the most humane method.

Our herd is raised on CAE prevention, and regularly tests negative for CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis), CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis) and Johne's (Paratuberculosis). 

We are participating in the Scrapie Eradication Program. The purpose of this Federal Disease Control Program is to eradicate Scrapie from the United States and to provide a system to track the movement of sheep and goats.


Our Miniature Potbelly Pigs all carry the blue-eye gene, therefore, most litters are born with blue eyes. We only offer show quality pigs for sale. All males we are selling, will be neutered at 4 weeks of age.

Our chickens lay eggs high in Omega-3, and, whilst we do sell the eggs, we do not offer chickens for sale.

Our horses, donkeys, dogs and 2 Saanen wethers are all rescues, and are spoiled rotten.

Our main focus is to raise healthy, friendly Mini Potbelly Pigs and Dairy Goats as family milk producers, pets and companions. In our methods, we emphasize natural & holistic health care and treat our animals with the love, dignity and the respect they deserve. All animal enclosures include environmental enrichment for every species.

All horses, donkey and dogs are micro-chipped, whilst the goats are tattooed. 

We only feed high quality products to all our animals, and they all receive optimal vet + farrier care and have exceptional housing.

We do not ship sold animals, however, we can deliver within NC, as well as to SC and TN.

We bring in (and sell)  Horse Quality Fescue (Grass) Hay as well as Orchard/Timothy mix Hay: in sq. bales.

We are not open to the Public, Farm Visits by Appointment only.



We are members of and support: Local, National as well as International Animal Welfare Agencies, both financially and actively.

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